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PureLiving’s tailor-made indoor environmental quality services and products address your industry’s challenges and needs.

PureLiving is an indoor environmental consulting company that has a simple mission: to help our clients test the quality of their air and water using international standards, identify sources of pollution, and then eliminate them to create healthy indoor homes and workplaces.  Our total range of solutions includes pollutant testing, test interpretation, independent third-party resolution of problem areas, and consumer education. In addition to air and water quality, we also test for and solve lead and mold contamination.



This assessment is our most common service which aims to identify whether there are any indoor environmental quality issues in the occupied space. We not only offer a comprehensive test panel sampling for common indoor pollutants, but also conduct a walkthrough to identify areas of concerns and how to mitigate them. 

Reasons to conduct this type of assessment include gauging the environmental quality of a new renovation, regulatory compliance with national (GB50325-2010, GB/T18883-2002) and international standard (EPA, OSHA, etc.), and help identify what may be leading to staff discomfort and/or complaints. 

Common contaminants tested include: air – PM2.5, formaldehyde, TVOC, lead, benzene, radon, ammonia; and water – chlorine, lead, colony count, nitrates, heavy metals, etc.




Assessment Includes


  • Particulates
  • Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Allergens
  • Mold
  • Radon


  • Bacteria
  • Heavy Metals
  • Chlorine
  • Pesticides
  • Chemicals


  • Lead
  • Asbestos
  • Radiation
  • Sound Pollution
  • Light Pollution


In China, PM2.5 pollution is an unavoidable topic of concern.  

This investigation audits a building’s envelope tightness, HVAC system, recirculating filtration, and occupant activities to ultimately determine how much protection the building is providing from outdoor particulate pollution. We also measure carbon dioxide levels to determine whether a tight space is providing sufficient fresh air for the occupied space. 

Using a combination of handheld instruments and continuous monitors, we can identify leaky windows and doorways, saturated filters and purifiers, indoor sources of dust, and the space’s PM2.5 action level––the outdoor PM2.5 level at which the interior environment is projected to surpass standards.





PureLiving is the only environmental consultancy in China that provides mold testing, investigation, and remediation services in accordance to international best practices.

Mold Testing

Mold testing helps identify whether there is a mold issue and is particular useful in cases where there are no signs of visible mold growth but odors, occupant symptoms, and/or moisture issues suggest otherwise.  Mold samples are collected in the areas of concern and shipped to the US for analysis. Results determine:

1) the severity of mold growth by comparing measurements against outdoor reference and indoor control levels and

2) the types of moods colonizing the area and whether they are harmful to humans (i.e. Stachybotrys Chartarum AKA “Toxic Black Mold”).



Mold Investigation

Mold requires oxygen, a food source (typically cellulose-based materials), the right temperature, and moisture to proliferate.  The goal of a mold investigation is to identify how to limit moisture, as it is almost always the easiest factor to control. 

PureLiving consultants utilize a combination of hygrometers, thermal imagery, moisture meters, borescopes, and experience to identify the source of moisture then provide written step-by-step directions on how to stop the mold source and how to physically remove the growth.





This investigation has two purposes:

1) identify an unknown odor

2) determine what chemical is leading to elevated TVOC levels after conducting an indoor environmental quality assessment.  We do this by utilizing an advanced TVOC analysis method––which can identify over 65 different VOCs in the ambient air as opposed to a single cumulative concentration that is usually derived––then comparing the results with odor thresholds and reference standards to determine what chemicals occupants may be sensing.  We also use an imported real-time TVOC sensor that allows us to “bloodhound” and identify indoor sources of chemical emissions.



Office re-stacking projects need to juggle not only the complexities of a typical renovation but also take into consideration how to limit renovation pollutants contaminating the occupied workspace.  This type of project utilizes a variety of our services to ensure that emissions created during renovation do not enter the occupied workspace.



Material Auditing

Test renovation materials and review results to determine compliance with emission standards and minimize the usage of low-quality or counterfeit materials.

Phase Testing and Bi-monthly Walkthroughs

Conduct on-site investigations at determined intervals and milestone events (prior to construction, after renovation, after furniture move in, etc.) to help identify offending materials. Air quality issues necessary action plans will be communicated with on-site personnel to accelerate the mitigation process.


Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitors are installed in the renovation zone and “buffer areas” to provide 24/7 monitoring of a project. The monitors are connected to the web so that readings can be accessed on any device with an internet connection and are set to send alert notifications to the administration team when pollutants surpass a threshold.

LEED (v2009 and v4) and WELL Consultation and Testing

LEED and WELL projects can get complex and overwhelming. 

We help clients achieve the air and water concepts requirements by determining the most practical features for a project space and designing and implementing strategies to accomplish the said features.  We provide diagnostic air testing with real-time instruments to give instant results and also design filtration solutions to ensure the project space complies with LEED and WELL’s stringent air quality requirements. 

In additional, we have successfully completed Asia’s first Indoor Air Quality Assessment credit testing for LEED v4 and can offer this service for LEED projects. 



Lead and Asbestos Investigations

Lead and Asbestos are materials known to cause cancer. 

However, they are loosely regulated and still commonly found in construction materials and older buildings.  This testing aims to identify whether there is lead or asbestos in the airway, water, or building materials.



Glumac shanghai office


Facility and asset management have been increasingly challenging. Powered by PureLiving, the ECS(eco-control system) is a cloud-based building management system that provides single point of control for fresh air and filtration. Using ECS is one-step control to help you improve your management anywhere anytime. With the powerful software and sophisticated monitor sensors, the connectivity has never been smarter. It enables the optimization on: 

  • Facility and asset management cost reduction and risk minimization
  • Individual equipment reliability
  • Equipment maintenance improvement
  • Data excellence
interior view


Smart Eco-Control System Features

Single Point Control

With pre-setting at the initial installation, all filtration system and the monitors will be automatically connected and functioning just by simply pressing the on/off button for daily usage.

Accurate Spot Identification

All filtration system and monitors are accurately shown on the system control dashboard. It helps to quickly identify equipment problems, avoid downtime and reduce maintenance costs. 

Data Management and Mobile Operation

The data of filtration system and monitors are gathered on the ECS cloud-based platform, which allows users to monitor the performance and control the system anywhere anytime. A comprehensive report generated by ECS system provides the performance trend for users to improve the management efficiency. 

Energy Saving

With the pre-configured program, the system is able to recognize the indoor air quality situation in real time, and turn on and off automatically when reaching the threshold. ECS to help the users optimize performance, save energy costs and reduce operation risks.



Automated Filtration And Fresh Air System. A unique in-ceiling air cleaner that provides both dedicated fresh air and recirculating filtration in a single unit.


    • High efficiency PM reduction 
    • Independent of central system 
    • Modular options for other pollutants 
    • Save floor space
    • Provides filtrated fresh air (FA model) 
    • Recovers otherwise wasted energy 
    • Ultra quiet
    • Low power usage
    • Automated controls 
    • Low maintenance 
    • Exhausts built up indoor pollutants 
    • Multiple modular functions
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Performance: Pure-Qi vs. Portable Units

Within 12 min, the Pure-Qi system is able to meet the US EPA standard of 35ug/m3. After one hour of continuous operation the Pure-Qi is able to reduces PM2.5 level to 3ug/m3.

pure qi
pure qi

Technology Comparison

pure qi
pure qi
Pure qi chart

Comparison of Outdoor and Indoor Pollution Levels During Shanghai’s “Airpocalypse”December 6, 2013

This chart contains data collected on Dec 6, 2013 from a sit 8 months after installation of Pure-Qi units. The blue line indicates outside PM 2.5 levels averaging 472ug/m and the green line indicates indoor levels averaging 34ug/m. The grey line is the standard of 35ug/m set by the EPA. This shows that the Pure-Qi can maintain high performance standard below EPA levels on a long-term basis even under the worst outdoor conditions. 


PureLiving’s Pure-Qi ceiling-mounted air purifiers are modular, highly customizable systems that come pre-installed with polypropylene particulate filter media that is capable of removing > 98% of particulates­––including smoke, PM2.5, and microbes––on a single pass.



Formaldehyde, Odor, and Chemical Reduction

Pure-Qi purifiers can also be fitted with our proprietary Multifunctional High-performance Catalytic Cleaning (MHCC) potassium-impregnated carbon media, which have been proven to remove up to >99% formaldehyde and >98% of overall chemical pollutants (TVOC) within an hour. 





In China, it is a common occurrence for maintenance teams and landlords to overlook the severity of mold issues and simply paint over visible growth.  This “Band-aid” solution is deceptive and potentially dangerous because contaminants are still present in the occupied space and can exacerbate or lead to the development of allergies. PureLiving provides end-to-end mold removal service in accordance with the ANSI/IICRC S520 Professional Mold Remediation Standard. 

We incorporate a combination of products, services, and techniques to:

1) stop the source of moisture leading to perpetual mold growth.

2) physically remove mold spores and structures to limit occupant exposure and thus adverse health effects.




Moisture Mitigation

Waterproofing, flashing installation, fixing plumbing and draining leaks, dehumidification systems, etc.

Mold Remediation

Cross-containment barrier setup, structural removal of porous contaminated materials, physical removal of spores on non-porous surfaces via HEPA vacuuming, deactivate remnant spores utilizing aerosolized disinfectants, prevent future regrowth by applying inhibitors coatings

Water Purification

PureLiving offers a variety of point-of-use and point-of-entry water filtration systems that are in conformance with NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 water treatment standards to provide safe water for occupants.




Asbestos Removal

PureLiving provides asbestos inspections to identify which asbestos-containing materials (ACM) are harmful and require removal and which materials can remain in buildings. We also provide professional abatement services to physically remove/encapsulate friable materials in contained environments to prevent contamination into occupied spaces. 




System Design

Our engineering team provides the state-of-the-art, customized installations design through implementation of best practices of the industry with a focused vision of improving IAQ. 



Construction IAQ management

We help you control the air quality problems from beginning to completion of the construction by utilizing a variety of our services to ensure the emissions created during the construction do not impact the usage after move-in.



Green Building System Certification & Consulting

At PureLiving, our experienced in-house consultants will help you uncover what criteria are most important and where the gap your company has for achieving the green building certification. And we will help you develop an action plan on how PureLiving can deliver the result. 





Qlear is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for sensor and building monitoring companies, mechanical systems, property developers and green / healthy building certification systems.

Empowering hardware

Qlear provides cloud solutions for sensor networks, monitoring and mechanical systems. It provides hardware manufacturers with user dashboards, analytics, APIs and direct integration with the world’s leading building certifications.

Project Owners

Buildings are becoming more complex everyday, with sensors being included to monitor everything from energy to water, from air quality to temperature, humidity, light, sound and motion. Qlear connects the dots and helps project owners communicate and derive value from the data.

Building Certification Systems

Qlear supports the world’s most advanced building certification systems, tracking performance and communicating certified results in real-time to project owners and stakeholders.


Qlear screen


Particles Plus

The Particles Plus AQM Series Remote Particle Counter and Environmental Monitor measures 0.3 µm to 25 µm particles with mass concentration and stores indoor air quality measure-ments of temperature, relative humidity, CO2, and TVOC in the 7302-AQM.

This instrument is the most versatile remote Air Monitor available, with advanced power management and the industry’s first sleep mode, allowing for battery operation of periods that can exceed a month on a single charge. The AQM Series can be used as a stand-alone battery operated instrument or it can be easily integrated into a building automation and facility monitoring system via Ethernet, USB or (optional) Wireless 802.11 b/g, RS485 or RS232 connection.


particles plus


Air Assure 

Only AirAssure PM2.5 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitor can provide real-time, reliably accurate measurement of PM2.5 dust concentrations inside commercial buildings. An easy-to-read digital display provides quick reference and interpretation of data. A simple dashboard interface enables convenient monitoring of multiple networked units.

All this in a unit that requires minimal maintenance, promises long-term performance, and includes NIST traceable calibration for the satisfaction of tenants, employees, and building owners. 





The RESET Standard is created and administered by GIGA, whose aim is to improve indoor environments and occupant health on a global scale. It combines the development of live monitoring and cloud software to increase the visibility of building health data globally.





LEED and WELL projects can get complex and overwhelming.  We help clients achieve the air and water concepts requirements by determining the most practical features for a project space and designing and implementing strategies to accomplish the said features. 

We provide diagnostic air testing with real-time instruments to give instant results and also design filtration solutions to ensure the project space complies with LEED and WELL’s stringent air quality requirements.  In additional, we have successfully completed Asia’s first Indoor Air Quality Assessment credit testing for LEED v4 and can offer this service for LEED projects.




Continuous detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with multiple range from just one instrument. 

Best available photoionisation (PID) detection

• PID independently verified as best performing on the market
• Range: 0 to 10, 0 to 100 or 0 to 1000 ppm from just one instrument • In-built humidity resistance with no need to compensate
• Anti-contamination design for extended field operation
• Variable duty cycle prolongs run time
• Reliable diffusive monitoring - no pump required 




total care

Whether you have Pure-Qi, AHU, or fresh air system filtration, PureLiving certified maintenance service provides dedicated after sales service to keep your systems at peak performance. 

  • One year extended warranty
  • Seven point system check
  • Industry-leading performance guarantee
  • Genuine PureLiving filters
  • On-going IEQ support 
total care chart

Included Services

Installing quality technology is only the first step to enjoying clean air. Like your body, systems break down and need maintenance to perform at their best. With Total Care, PureLiving engineers visit your site and perform all necessary filter changes and system checks, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind with guaranteed clean air.

Only Total Care provides you the peace of mind and industry-leading performance guarantee that the ambient air you breathe achieves US EPA standards for clean air (< 35 ug/m3). Other companies only guarantee the readings at their equipment outlet.



7-Point System Check 

Final Filter Replacement

Pre-Filter Cleaning

Diffusers Cleaning

Installation Integrity Check

Vent Level PM2.5 Test

Air Velocity Test

Control System Check 

Value Added Services

Ambient PM2.5 Test

Free Repair

Performance Guarantee

Extended Warranty

Scheduled Reminder 


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