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Pure-Qi is a unique, high efficienty patented in-ceiling air cleaner

    Automated Ventilation System

    Ventmate is an innovative, quiet, and smart in-ceiling unit which senses poor quality air and automatically delivers on-demand ventilation

  • Effective High efficiency particulate filtration, odor and chemical reduction
  • EasyRadiates 200 -275 nm wavelength of light
  • SmartOnboard sensor, Automate operation
  • Cost -EffectiveIncrease ventilation without investments on base building
  • Automated Filtration System

    Pure-Qi is a unique, high efficienty patented in-ceiling air cleaner with multiple modular functions for tackling various pollutants, to improve indoor filtration

  • Quieter Quietest commercial air purifier <45dB.
  • Higher High CADR Airflow at 99.97% efficiency.
  • Smarter Intelligent control adapts based on conditions .
  • Easier Cloud connected for simple management .

  • Monitors

    PureLiving offers a selection of monitors and combines them with could-based data platforms.

  • Data In-depth long term real time data gathering.
  • Flexible HardwareRESET approved hardware base on your project requirements and needs
  • Certification Gather data for green building certification
  • Improve Improve the health of your occupants and bottom line of your organization
  • Qlear

    Qlear is an integrated indoor environmental quality management system that is currently powering the Fortune 500s.

  • EfficientSuperior efficiency achieved via precise optical design
  • SafeSafe to use in occupied enclosed environments
  • Smart DisplayAccessible anytime and anywhere via mobile or web app
  • Certified PlatformCentralize your environmental data into a single certified platform
  • Reflectair

    A patented (WO 2022153128A2) upper air UVGI system that sterilizes the air 3 times faster than competitors. Developed in partnership between PureLiving and Reflectair.

  • EfficientSuperior efficiency achieved via precise optical design.
  • SafeSafe to use in occupied enclosed environments.
  • CoverageFull room coverage for indoor spaces.
  • AffordableLess than half the price of the competition.
  • Filtration System Options – UVC/PCCN/Filter

    Our clients are facing new challenges

    PureLiving – JLL IAQ White Paper

    A white paper on how to achieve good indoor air quality in the work place, presented by JLL in partnership with PureLiving China.

    Highlights of PureLiving’s contribudtions to the white paper. (Data to support the analysis. Also contains audits for the previous data. )

    Show the significance of focusing over indoor air quality for workplaces. How indoor air quality could affect a company’s retention rate, work efficiency, employee satisfaction, etc.


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