Good News! PureLiving wins CBRE APAC "Best Client Value."

We are proudly to share the good news that PureLiving as the winner of the Best Client Value Category in the 2023 CBRE APAC Innovation Challenge. Our exceptional solution, QLEAR, outshone over 20 other entries earning the highest score across all four categories.

The CBRE APAC Innovation Challenge is significant as it promotes innovation, industry leadership, collaboration, and client engagement within the real estate sector. The “Best Client Value" recognises innovative products and solutions that significantly increase client value in the areas of cost savings and cost containment through new ways of delivering services.

QLEAR is a cloud-based Real-time Environmental Monitoring Platform, whose commitment to innovation and client satisfaction was evident throughout the challenge. QLEAR optimizes and de-risks achieving green building certifications. It identifies and pre-empts indoor environmental issues for enhanced occupant well-being and experience and enables operation teams to work proactively for optimized building performance.

QLEAR CBRE workspace kiosk display 世邦魏理仕工作区kiosk 展示)

In addition to QLEAR, the Ventmate Mini Automated DOAS was also recognized for its unique approach to delivering better air quality. Ventmate is an innovative, quiet, and smart in-ceiling unit which senses poor-quality air and automatically delivers on-demand ventilation and filtration into enclosed rooms.

"The Ventmate truly stands out with its rapid implementation, cost efficiency, and unmatched IAQ performance, making it an indispensable asset for our clients," stated Kim Alexandersen, Director of Category Management at CBRE.

Ventmate effectively balances the need for improved indoor air quality and energy efficiency. The Ventmate can be rapidly deployed into existing building infrastructure within one day. In addition, the smart sensor-based controls, automate the systems operation, meaning clean air on demand while also achieving energy savings and reduced maintenance costs.  

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Meantime, the Ventmate with its smart control panel finally gives tenants the answer to the frequent question: "How can I solve air quality problems in staff meeting rooms or classrooms when I'm not the building owner?” Enhancing enclosed spaces, Ventmate optimizes health and comfort while minimizing energy impact. Compared to traditional alternatives, Ventmate can reduce CO2 levels by 40% while saving 58% of energy through an on-demand system. Also, it has a better filtration rate achieving 20% more effective filtration than traditional recirculating air filtration systems.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support and belief in our vision again. This recognition in the CBRE APAC Innovation Challenge reaffirms our industry leadership and motivates us to continue delivering exceptional solutions to our clients.

If you want to know more details about Ventmate and QLEAR or are suffering from indoor air quality issues, or are interested in any of our other products and services, please feel free to contact us via email:

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