• Louie Cheng

    President and Founder of PureLiving

    Originally from the US, Louie has lived and worked in China since 2005.  He founded PureLiving in 2010 after realizing that there was no company that could provide reliable and accurate advice for people in China who wanted clean indoor air and water.  Louie has over 20 years of scientific consulting experience as a chemical warfare engineer with the US Army, IBM managing consultant, and as the Asia Strategy Director for Thomson Reuters Scientific Division.  He has personally led or supervised over 1500 environmental and green building projects in China and the US.                        

    Louie is a member of the Indoor Air Quality Association, has trained with the US Centers for Disease Control, and is a graduate of Harvard College and Dartmouth Business School.  Louie is a frequent public speaker for radio, television, CEIBS Business School, and industry associations including CoreNet and IFMA.                        

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